Why study at eLearnAc?

Students find science and mathematics tough, if their fundamental ideas about the subjects are not clean. The imaginations and perceptions about the scientific concepts and mathematical ideas vary with students who come from varied backgrounds - taught by different teachers.

Here at LearnAc - Our highly qualified and expert teachers bring everyone to the same conceptual platform so that the scientific concepts and mathematical ideas are neat and clean. They try to develop the liking for the subject which is a prerequisite for learning and also academic success.

The use of exciting simulations, videos and examples makes learning an enjoyable and stress free process. We make the learning process lucid.

So do join us for the exciting journey.

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty.
  • Concentration on Conceptual Learning.
  • Free Atmosphere and Personal Attention.
  • Learning through AV Aids and Simulations.


Dr. Ninad Sheode

Research Fellow, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Ph. D., (Atmos. Physics), University of Bremen, Germany 

M.Tech., (Atmos. Physics), University of Pune, India 

M.Sc., (Physics), University of Pune, India 

B.Sc., (Physics), University of Pune, India